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    Eagles' Nest

    Eagles’ Nest was originally part of Groote Constantia, the first wine farm in South Africa, established in the 1670’s by then governor of the Cape, Simon van der Stel, producing wines for European Nobility, Queen Victoria, Napoleon. 

    The farm was purchased in 1984 by the Mylrea Family as a family estate, but not commercially farmed until 2002.

    Virtually the entire property of Eagles’ Nest was destroyed by fire in 2000. It was following this devastating event that it was decided to embark on the journey of wine making. An aggressive programme was initiated to plant vines best suited to this cool-climate location and unique Terroir.

    Besides wine growing, indigenous vegetation has been allowed to return to sections of the property and in parts, actively reintroduced. Today the property is said to be home to the largest Silver Leaf Tree forest.