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    Cobb Premier

    Design excellence Distinctive stainless steel design that is built to last. Uncompromising cooking style anywhere. Easy to clean All Stainless Steel parts are dishwasher safe. Made from high grade hygienic stainless steel. Safe to handle Heat is contained on the inside and cool to the touch on the base on the outside. Sturdy and safe.


    HK$2713 HK$3875

    Cobb Kitchen in a Box

    If you're a Cobb fan, buying the Kitchen-in-a-Box, makes great sense. The Perfect Wedding Gift for the Adventurous Outdoors-Couple or The Soon-To-Retire Friends or Co-Workers who are Planning to See the Country in A RV. Live-Aboard Boat Owners Love the Cobb Too! Take The Heat Out on the Deck or Marina and Enjoy Safe Grilling and Cooking Right Where You are. Includes: Cobb Premier & Carrier Bag, Frying Pan with fork/handle, Frying Dish/Wok, Griddle, Roasting Rack, Dome Lid Extension with Chicken Roasting Stand (also great for ribs). Features: Type: Cooking System Kit. Take the Heat out on the Deck or Marina. Enjoy Safe Grilling and Cooking Right Where you are. Specifications: Overall Dimensions: 13" (L) x 13" (W) x 13" (H).

    Cobb Pan

    Beautifully designed with a heavy base for better heat distribution and, being thick based, better heat retention

    Cobb Frying Dish

    Developed from the finest stainless steel, with an encapsulated aluminium base to ensure even distribution of heat and even cooking times of all food in the dish.

    Cobb Disposable Inner Sleeve

    Designed to take all the effort out of cleaning your Cobb, our Disposable Inner Sleeve fits your Cobb like a glove leaving only the accessories used to be cleaned and the ashes to be emptied out. Quality manufacturing – We only use the highest quality food-grade aluminium foil in our Disposable Inner Sleeves.


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