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    0 How to Boost Your Immune System

    Do you want to give your body a better chance to battle against the harmful bacteria? You can do so very easily by boosting your immune system and here’s how to do it. Start now, before it’s too late!

    0 Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    0 Why Australian Honey is the Best in the World

    Australia has records of beekeeping that date to 1822 when hives first started arriving from Cork in Ireland. Over the next five decades, the other states began to explore honey production as well.

    Beekeeping then took off in the early 20th century to become the robust honey market that makes Australia one of the best locations in the world for this sweet product.

    There are several reasons why Australian honey rates as the best in the world today. Some markets prefer the antibiotic residues that the product contains. It also contains low microbial counts and generally contains few chemical residues.

    Australian honey is also reasonably priced in almost every location in the world today. If the affordable price wasn’t a good enough of a reason to buy this product today, here are some additional facts to consider.

    Benefits of Using Australian Honey

    Several health benefits are possible when choosing Australian honey. You can eat it or spread it topically in a variety of ways to explore its many life-changing properties.

    1. Australian honey can heal wounds.

    Honey from Australia is useful for a variety of skin conditions. If you have eczema, psoriasis, or acne, then it can soothe the itching and burning you experience. Naturopaths enjoy using the antiseptic properties of it to encourage burns and wounds to heal. It will not replace traditional therapies, so enjoy the product for its flavor and texture.

    2. The flavor is unique to the continent.

    Many of the plants that attract bees are endemic to Australia. That means many of the flavors of honey that come from this region cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You can enjoy Jarrah, Marri, and even an Australian version of manuka honey because of this fantastic benefit. Whether you choose a squeezable bottle or a jar, you can rest assured that it will be a one-of-a-kind experience.  

    3. It can help to soothe a sore throat.

    One of the best natural ways to soothe the pain of a sore throat is to drink some tea with honey. This benefit extends to any coughing because it works as a suppressant. Some people even find that it works well for symptoms that arise because of allergies. It is an advantage that becomes available due to the bees interacting with Leptospermum flowers for specific honey types. 

    4. Australian honey can improve oral health.

    When you choose Australian manuka honey to use at home, then each spoonful can help to neutralize the harmful bacteria in your mouth. It works to combat problems with plaque formation, tooth decay, and gum inflammation. You can chew or suck on the honey after a meal to take advantage of this benefit.

    5. It may boost your immunity levels.

    Honey contains a significant number of phytonutrients with each serving. These compounds help to protect plants from harm, and it transfers from the bee over to the combs. You can see a large boost in your antioxidant levels with regular consumption, along with some unique antifungal properties. 

    6. There are specific standards of labeling and composition.

    The Australian government has particular standards of quality that producers must follow when creating honey for sale. There are specific member standards followed by independent associations as well, such as the Australian Manuka Honey Association. By maintaining batch records of all the honey produced, it is easier to ensure that every item sold is natural, pure, and authentic. 

    7. Every jar contains a unique experience.

    Australian honey is a natural product, so each variety and flavor can vary based on the season. That means you can even sample the same kind multiple times to enjoy different experiences. If you want to try the pure flavor of this item, let it crystallize a little and then spread it on toast, bagels, or your favorite baked goods. 

    Try Southern Forests Honey Today! 

    Australian honey is one of the best value purchases that you can make today. It provides a wide range of potential health benefits, tastes great, and is very affordable.

    It pairs well with a wide variety of foods to enhance numerous dishes. Use it with pumpkin seeds, chicken, pork, shrimp, or even hummus. You can also make your own honey butter with it by mixing 1/4-cup honey with three sticks of butter and two teaspoons of cinnamon.  

    You will find that the quality and affordability of Australian honey create a fantastic culinary opportunity that you’ll want to keep having day after day. 

    Try Southern Forests Honey from Westeran Australia today!

    0 The Best Olive Oil is Lebanese

    Zeitouna Olive Oil Lebanese

    0 Immune Health and Its Importance in Your Life

    Your immune system consists of unique cells, tissues, proteins, and organs that work to defend the body against microorganisms, germs, bacteria, viruses, and other potential invaders every day. It does an excellent job in most situations, keeping you healthy and stopping infections and illnesses rapidly.

    There are times when a problem with immune health can lead to more susceptibility to the various elements in the world that try to make you sick. That’s why maintaining the viability of this system is one of the most important steps you can take in your life.

    How the Immune System Protects You

    When your body detects a foreign substance, which is called an “antigen,” then it tells several different cell types to start working together. This response triggers B-lymphocytes that can produce antibodies which lock onto the invaders to remove them.

    That is why if you get sick with the measles, chickenpox, or another disease, you only experience the illness once. Vaccines work to trigger this response to prevent an infection in the first place.

    Then the T-lymphocytes go to work. Once your immune system identifies that there is an antigen present, these killer cells take out the problem to ensure that you remain as healthy as possible.

    When your body produces antibodies, then it can neutralize toxins that different organisms produce. Your immune system can activate complementary proteins which help the killer cells get rid of infections, viruses, or bacteria.

    Problems of the Immune System


    Some problems can develop with an immune system that only a doctor or qualified medical professional can treat. If you have an immunodeficiency disorder, either primary or acquired, an autoimmune disease, or cancer within this system, then professional care is necessary to restore your health.

    Your immune system experiences problems when the events of life start to weaken its foundation. Numerous influences can play a role in how it reacts to the presence of antigens.

    Stress responses increase strain on your immune system, significantly reducing its functioning if it is a chronic problem. Because an illness can create a stressful experience, your health can find itself trapped in an adverse spiral very quickly.

    Your eating habits can contribute to problems with immune system health too. Try to include more fruits and vegetables into your daily meals, get about 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, and take steps to maintain healthy weight levels.

    If you have allergies, then your immune system is responding to a specific substance, like pollen. The response can cause coughing, itchy eyes, a runny nose, or dangerous swelling of your air passageways. This outcome happens because your body created an antigen to that substance. Strengthening your immune system can reduce the risk of developing them.

    Fatigue is another factor that can impact the health of your immune system. Most people require between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. If you travel frequently or get less than six hours of rest, then your body cannot release enough cytokines to fight off an illness or infection. Chronic sleeplessness can increase your personal risks for diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, which can further weaken your immune system. 

    How to Take Care of Your Immune System

    There are several simple steps that you can take to improve the health of your immune system right now. If you eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep each night, and work to limit the amount of stress you experience each day, then you will create a firm foundation that helps you to fight off illnesses and infections quickly and easily.

    You can also support your immune system by using a product from Immuno Armour that is clinically proven to provide more resiliency to this essential aspect of life. It begins working in just two hours to start reversing the impact of a weakened or underactive system. Your body can then respond appropriately to the everyday challenges it faces.

    The adult version of Immuno Armour features a ground-breaking ingredient called EpiCor, which is fermented yeast that is rich in enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids.

    Children can strengthen their immune system with the chocolate kid’s chews from Immuno Armour that support better health through a similar process.

    A syrup version of Immuno Armour is available for children as well.

    Now is the time to take charge of your immune health. Make any necessary lifestyle changes, and then consider adding a product like Immuno Armour to your daily routine so that you can live life to its fullest.

    0 Best Wine Bars in Hong Kong 2019

    Hong Kong is home to incredible wines all over the world. As a vibrant city with a food and beverage scene like no other, it's no doubt some of the best wines in the world have chosen to distribute their wines in Hong Kong. Whether or not you're looking for a bar for late nights, date nights or just simply after a wine experience where you can broaden your tastebuds, here are 5 of our favourite wine bars in Hong Kong!

    1. 121BC

    121BC best wine bars hong kong

    Tucked on Peel Street in Central, 121BC has become a popular choice since 2014. The ambience of this small wine bar is enough to make it on the list in itself. The combination of a dimly lit space, great Italian dishes and a wide range of vintage wines this is the perfect date night spot. In case you are not sure of what brand to get, (its natural especially with the many big brands they offer), they have sommeliers who are ready to help you with any recommendations.

    Phone: 2395 0200

    Address: 42-44 Peel St, Central Hong Kong


    2. La Cabane Wine Bistro

    best wine bistro hong kong bars

    The bistro offers natural French wines with authentic cuisines. Aside from the organic wine, which is ordered from family-owned vineyards, La Cabane stands out for its rustic space giving off a classy vibe. After enjoying your time here, the bistro’s cellar provides some of the best wines to carry with you.

    Phone: 2776 6070

    Address: 62, Hollywood Road, Central 


    3. Le Quinze Vins

    Le Quinze Vins has been around for a while and they've built up their fanbase over the years. A Parisian bar with over 1000 varieties of French wine. The neighborhood and the service you will get in this wine bar is an experience creates an experience that will have you keep coming back for more. They've also now opened up a new space in Central for you to enjoy!

    Phone: 2652 0588

    Address: 9 Swatow St, Wan Chai


    4. Bar Q88

    Cocktails, live band, quality whisky and top notch vino describes bar Q88. In addition, the intimate setting together with the meals and service you get in this place makes it secure a position on the list. Located in the JW Marriot, this wine bar is for the rare wines enthusiast. Great for taking a date or having a nightcap.

    Phone: 2810 8366

    Address: Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Lobby Level of JW Marriott Hotel.


    5. Premier Cru

    Thirsty for Corsican, Rhode Valley, Burgundy among other French wines? Or fancy wines from a region you haven't heard of before? Premier Cru boasts over 600 wines from all over the world. This wine bar is home to two sommeliers with extensive knowledge of the wine they well, uploading the excellent wine experience they provide.

    Phone: 9522 5267

    Address: 15 High st, Sai Ying Pun, 


    0 5 Restaurants in Hong Kong We Can't Get Enough Of

    With new restaurants popping up every week, we can barely keep up with trying them all. But here are a few that are always a guaranteed good time, won't break the bank and you won't have to book a week in advance! Have you tried these restaurants?

    由于每周都有新餐馆涌现,我们几乎无法跟上它们的步伐。但这里总有一些好吃又不贵,也不需要提前一周预订的餐厅! 你去过这些餐馆吗?

    1. Yardbird

    We LOVE Yardbird! Nestled in the quiet street of Wing Lok Street, its quite likely you'll never walk past it unless you were specifically going to find it. Yardbird built up their fanbase when they used to be situated on Bridges Street. They've now moved down to a much larger venue and still pack out every night! Here, you'll find some of the city's best Yakitori, delicious Sake and some of the best staff in the hospitality industry! They don't do bookings, so make sure you show up with your full crew to get seated sooner.

    我们喜欢Yardbird餐厅! 坐落在永乐街安静的街道上,你很可能永远不会经过它,除非你专门去找它。过去当Yardbird餐厅开在必列者士街的时候就建立了他们的粉丝基础。他们现在已经搬到一个更大的场地,仍然每天晚上都满座! 在这里,你能发现这座城市里最好的日式烧鸡,美味的清酒和服务业最好的员工。他们不提前预订,所以确保你和你的队友一起出现,以便尽早入座。

    2. Posto Pubblico

    Posto has been around for forever, and it still remains one of our favourites. Their food is consistently delicious, efficient and the atmosphere at this Italian restaurant is like no other. This is the perfect date night spot, quiet enough where you can chat and also a lot of fun! They have some great wines by the glass you can pair with your bowl of pasta - what more could you want?


    3. Ho Lee Fook

    Ho Lee Fook is THE spot to take guests when you have friends visiting! We'd call it Chinese food with a hint of fushion. Nonetheless, everything on the menu here doesn't fall short of spectacular. The drinks available at Ho Lee Fook are also delicious. This restaurant always makes for a great time and consistently delivers some of the tastiest Chinese (fusion) in Hong Kong!

    朋友来访时,Ho Lee Fook是您接待客人的好地方!我们把它叫做中国菜。尽管如此,这里菜单上的所有东西都不逊色。Ho Lee Fook 提供的饮料也很美味。这家餐厅总是为您提供最美味的中国菜!

    4. Sohofama


    We love Sohofama because they serve up the best healthy Cantonese/Chinese food. Often you'll find a lot of oil used in Chinese dishes. Sohofama takes all of that away and still serves up some of the tastiest local food around! There's also a great terrace outdoors you can dine al fresco!

    我们很喜欢 Sohofama餐厅,因为他们提供最健康的粤菜/中餐。通常你会发现中餐里用了很多油。Sohofama把所有这些都去掉了,仍然提供一些最美味的当地食物!还有一个很棒的户外露台,你可以在户外用餐!

    5. Ichu Peru

    A relatively new restaurant, but has definitely become one of our go to's! Ichu brings Hong Kong a range of excellent, authentic Peruvian food. The excitement doesn’t end there, the anticipated restaurant is also led by Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz, the recipent of the coveted Chef’s Choice Award 2017 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. With a relatively small menu, you really cannot go wrong with any of the chef's recommnendations or really anything on the menu. Even the side dishes are life changing! 

    Let us know what you think of our consistent favourites in Hong Kong!

    一家相对较新的餐厅,但绝对已经成为我们必去的其中一家! Ichu为香港带来了一系列优质、地道的秘鲁美食。令人兴奋的还不止于此,这家备受期待的餐厅还由秘鲁主厨维吉里奥·马丁内斯·韦利茨(Virgilio Martinez Veliz)带领,他曾获得2017年世界50家最佳餐厅厨师精选奖。相对较小的菜单,你真的不会错过菜单上或厨师推荐的任何东西。甚至连配菜都在改变生活!



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    Waterford Estate is an award-winning winery in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Not only do they produce excellent quality wine, they also open their doors up to an exquisite Wine Tasting Safari. Find out more!

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    South African Wines

    The history of wine-making in South Africa dates back to the 17th century with the first bottle being produced in Cape Town. Jan Van Riebeeck led the Dutch East India Company into the region, dividing the land into farms.

    Today, over 105,000 hectares of land are dedicated to the wine industry of South Africa, making the country the 7th-largest producer of wine in the world today.