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    Haut Espoir

    Haut Espoir is a boutique wine estate and cellar in Franschhoek, South Africa. Developed and run by the Armstrong Family since 1999, we produce distinctive, handcrafted wines in harmony with nature. The literal translation of Haut Espoir is 'High Hope'.

    We are the custodians of a 23-hectare farm, of which eight hectares are planted with shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, petit verdot and cabernet franc. The remainder of the land is dedicated to fynbos restoration, a riverine ecosystem, olive groves and vegetable and herb garden.

    At Haut Espoir, winemaking goes hand in hand with conservation. We have been transitioning to Biodynamics since 2011. We focus on minimal impact to the environment with our viticultural practices. We have actively restored the environment around us and no fungicides, insecticides or commercially bought fertilisers are used.  Water conservation is practised daily, and our winery effluent is managed through a bio-reactor and wetland system.

    Visitors to our farm will experience warm hospitality, grand views, and a unique insight into intentional winemaking.